Susanna Persona


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Job title: 

Freelance web developer


"How can I know whether this screen makes sense or not to the user?"





Other personal / demographic data: 

She doesn't have any academic degree on computers, but has been programming since she was 14, first as a hobby and now as her main activity. She has attended multiple events and conferences, and has read a lot about software development. She also collaborates with some open-source projects.

Knowledge / skills: 

She is highly skilled in interfaces development, with great knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. She knows different platforms and tools, including JS frameworks, IDEs, etc.

Doing some research about interfaces and good practices, she has arrived to books and articles about usability and UX, and knows the basics of the techniques involved, but has never had the opportunity to focus more on them.

Goals / motives / concerns: 

When developing interfaces, sometimes she is given the detailed visual design she has to implement; but many times she has a lot of freedom to create the final layout of the page/screen (especially when working on open-source projects). She knows that there are good practices and usability techniques like heuristic evaluations to achieve better interfaces and she would like to use some of them, but she doesn't dare without some help.