What is UX manager?

UX manager (formerly UCDmanager) is a FREE collaborative web application aimed to manage and document different User-Centered Design and User Experience / usability techniques, in an integrated manner: user roles, personas, heuristic evaluations, usability user testing, etc.

UX manager FAQ


Supported techniques


  • A user role is a particular kind of relationship between some users and a system. In other words, roles are played by users.

  • A persona is a fictional person who represents a major user group for your system.

  • An abstract or essential use case is a simplified, abstract, generalized use case that captures the intentions of a user in a technology and implementation independent manner.


Where to start?

If you're just interested in heuristics, go to heuristics.uxmanager.net.

Browse our DEMO project or create your own one.

Also, take a look at available standalone templates: personas, user roles, use cases, etc.

Screenshots of demo project at UX manager