Marc Persona


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Job title: 

Usability and UX consultant


"There should be more usable tools to perform heuristic evaluations"





Other personal / demographic data: 

He has a master's degree in psychology. After making some research on how people interact with computers, he has been working on usability for 10 years (last 5 years at a UX agency together with other specialists).

Knowledge / skills: 

He has deep knowledge of computer interfaces (web, apps, mobile, etc.) and how people use them. He is also an advanced user of office software (text processing, spread sheets, etc.), as well as specialized software for usability user testing.

Goals / motives / concerns: 

Evaluating interfaces is part of his daily work. He uses different sets of heuristics depending on the particular project (some times more than a single set), but the selection is always made based on his knowledge; he doesn't uses any tool to make that decision. For the final report he uses some templates he has refined during his career, but he doesn't use any specialized tool during the evaluation itself: he documents his findings in a spreadsheet.

When performing an evaluation, one of the experts at the agency is responsible for it and makes most of the work, but usually other experts make a quick review to refine the findings made by the responsible.

He would like to use some tool to help selecting the heuristics for every situation, and also to document and report all the details of the issues as they are found (including the related guidelines).